I’m sitting on the plane while flying home from my very first Network of Public Education conference. While I was at NPE, I had opportunities to hear about many things having to do with education and student advocacy. The one thing missing, though, was other education support professionals being vocal about issues that are relevant to … [Read more…]

I’m Ready!

Off to my first Network for Public Education conference in Raleigh, North Carolina and if I’m being honest, I’m a little nervous. Why am I nervous? To be in the same place with a group of education activists the like of Diane Ravitch, Marla Kilfoyle and Julian Vasquez Helig can be overwhelming to a relative … [Read more…]

Veteran Teacher Thanks Paras

Came upon this today and had to share on my blog.  The greatest gift a paraprofessional receives is a thank you from a teacher.  A good relationship where teacher and para work side by side in the best interest of the student, should be the standard. I am proud to say that I have these … [Read more…]

Story Telling Time

Over the past two days, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the NEA ESP pre conference session, “Leading The Way”.  Leading the way by connecting with our students, our co workers and our community was the message. We learned that education support professionals are an essential part of educating the whole student.  Often, an … [Read more…]

Best Day Ever! NEA ESP Conference 2016

Just a quick update from the NEA ESP conference in Orlando!!  Looking forward to spending the next few days learning, leading and networking.  I got to do all of that today with some long time education support professional advocates who have worked to bring awareness to issues that effect all of us. So proud to … [Read more…]

Blog Repost: A Parent’s Thank You

As I’m sitting in my kitchen on a freezing cold, blustery Saturday morning, I came across this blog that warmed my body and soul! So many teacher aides, often called paraprofessionals or teaching assistants go to work every day to assist in making a student’s day successful. We provide physical, emotional, behavioral and academic support … [Read more…]


In my experience, it is rare to see a school district recognize the importance of any of their educational support professionals.  Kudos to School District of the Menomonie Area for doing just that. As noted in the blog, teachers are always the first school employee that comes to mind when thinking about schooling.  Education support … [Read more…]